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GCSAA Chapter Outreach Grant Program

Applications for next year's Chapter Outreach Grant Program will be available in spring 2014.

Although GCSAA dedicates considerable resources to national outreach, those efforts alone are not enough to achieve desired results. For this reason, GCSAA has established a fund to help chapters engage in activities that complement its efforts to communicate the value of membership to key constituents, primarily golfers and employers.

2013 Chapter Outreach Grant recipients

The recipients of the 2013 Chapter Outreach Grants represent a wide variety of geographical areas and offer up examples of how outreach can be executed in many ways. The following chapters were awarded grants in 2013:

  • Georgia GCSA: To produce a region-specific video promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of the role of the superintendent. The video would make superintendents the central figures, presenting the game's contribution economically, environmentally and socially.
  • Intermountain GCSA: To advertise in Fairways magazine, explaining the importance of the superintendent to golfers and promote the benefits of the association to non-members.
  • Kansas GCSA: To develop a poster template that would have the KGCSA logo, mission statement and maintenance FAQs that could then be personalized for each facility where it is posted.
  • Midwest Association of GCS: To create a digital, non-member version of On Course magazine. The monthly publication would highlight information and articles useful to allied industry partners.
  • Minnesota GCSA: To participate in an Environmental Stewardship Initiative promotional campaign with state allied associations. The grant funds will finance the publication and distribution of the information.
  • GCSA of New Jersey: To develop a Junior Tee Marker program for New Jersey golf courses. Markers would feature the GCSANJ logo. 18 markers will be packaged for each participating course.
  • Philadelphia Association of GCS: To advertise in the Golf Association of Philadelphia's magazine. Also the group will continue established relationship with the radio show "Golfstyles Live," with an emphasis on the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion GC.
  • South Texas GCSA: To purchase booth space during the Shell Open to promote Rounds 4 Research.
  • Virginia GCSA: To produce a series of four print ads in Virginia Golfer. Specifically the series will showcase the chapter's ongoing water quality monitoring project.

Grant guidelines

All applications are reviewed by members of the GCSAA Strategic Communications Committee and GCSAA staff.  Applications for the 2013 program are now closed.

The following criteria will be used:

  1. The chapter must start its outreach activities within 12 months of receiving the grant funds.
  2. The outreach activities should address the key messages and be directed to the employer and avid golfer audiences as noted above.
  3. Funds must be directed to future programs and not retroactively to past efforts.
  4. Chapters must provide matching or support funding.
  5. Chapters must provide a follow-up report of the program so that GCSAA can create a database of case studies and best management practices. If a chapter fails to complete a follow-up report it will be ineligible for future grants.
  6. GCSAA reserves the right to request return of funds if not used according to means as detailed on application.
  7. The application must be signed by the chapter president and one other officer or staff member.
  8. Funds will not be granted to supplement current staff salary -- however, they can be directed to pay for freelance or intern stipends.
  9. Examples of activities might include stipends for media relations personnel to write news releases, articles for non-chapter publications, securing interviews with members, developing sponsorship packages for exposure on television, radio, publications or Internet, or creation of a “public/employer”-oriented website.
  10. Chapters must provide the information requested on the official form.

For more information

Contact Angela Hartmann, manager, corporate communications, at 800-472-7878, ext. 3647, or