Certification Portfolio Webcasts

Have questions about the certification portfolio? Your answers may lie here!
This resource provides you very helpful information on building your certification portfolio. Each of the three recorded webcasts concentrates on a specific component of the portfolio (work samples, skill statements, case studies*) and may be replayed whenever the need arises.

* The examples provided in these recordings were written by other superintendents. They are only intended to demonstrate for you the type of responses that are expected when completing the certification portfolio. You may NOT use or copy any part of these examples; doing so will be considered a breach of the GCSAA Code of Ethics.

You can listen to a webcast at any time that works for you; these three recordings are free and require no registration. Your computer will need to have a sound card and speakers (or you can use headphones) to hear the presentation.

You'll want to listen to the webcasts in order:

Certification Portfolio Work Sample Part One

Certification Portfolio Skill Statements Part Two

Certification Portfolio Case Studies Part Three

  • Save the file to your local computer by clicking the link and choosing 'Save' or by right-clicking the link and choosing 'Save Target As'. It will be saved as a .zip file. 
  • To get to the file, double click to open the .zip file you saved. (If you don't have software to unzip files on your computer, you can download WinZip for PCs or ZipIt for Macs.) 

Please contact GCSAA at (800) 472-7878 if you need any kind of technical support to play these recordings. We're happy to help.