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March 2013
Volume 81 • Number 3

Patrick Finlen, CGCS


Pat answers
GCSAA's new president, Patrick R. Finlen, CGCS, has a business degree, oversees one of the most historic golf courses on earth, and makes a mean salsa. At a time in the industry when solutions are needed, those who have faith in him are convinced he can help provide answers.
By Howard Richman

Triple threat
A Southern California golf course confronts fog, fire and fungal diseases.
By Barbara McCabe

The green miles
A Texas superintendent takes on his company's challenge to answer the question: Is maintaining a golf course good for your health?
By Randy Samoff

What a tool!
Geographic information systems could be beneficial for golf course superintendents who seek a more efficient way to get the job done.
By Michael W. Michelsen Jr.

Factors affecting salt accumulation in irrigated fairways and roughs in the arid Southwest
Many factors can be involved in salt accumulation, including irrigation systems and management, soil properties, and vegetative cover. Identifying the causes of salt accumulation is key to developing irrigation plans and appropriate management strategies.
By Seiichi Miyamoto, Ph.D.

Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson

Career building: Goals and relationships

Replace rope before it breaks

Sharing the green: Groundwater Awareness Week

A new crop of turf scientists, Part II

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