September • Volume 82 • Number 9

Information, please
The second round of the GCSAA's Golf Course Environmental Profile is coming soon to an inbox near you.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon Anatomy of a renovation
Fort Wayne Country Club's "Greens + Project" adds up to more than new putting surfaces.
By Brian C. Chalifoux
GCM epub icon An eye on the future
An environment of inclusiveness at California's Monarch Dunes Golf Club powers an innovative learning initiative designed to increase golfing participation worldwide.
By Chris Lewis
GCM epub icon Investment opportunity
Staying true to its roots, scholarship remains a key pillar in the foundation of GCSAA's Environmental Institute for Golf. By Bill Newton
Tropical signalgrass control
Although the old standards are no longer available for tropical signalgrass control in certain areas such as Florida, some newer products offer possible solutions.
By Bert McCarty, Ph.D., and Alan Estes, M.S.
Effects of dew removal on the incidence of Microdochium patch
Rolling is far more effective than other forms of dew removal in reducing Microdochium patch.
By C. Mattox; A. Kowalewski, Ph.D.; and B. McDonald, M.S.
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson