August • Volume 82 • Number 8

Scout's honor
Valhalla Golf Club superintendent Roger Meier, ready for the PGA Championship, was a Boy Scout in his youth. Judging by tough decisions he made on the job, it certainly looks like he learned long ago what it takes to be a leader.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon Hazard a change for the better
A golf course designer — and longtime superintendent — offers seven keys to a successful bunker renovation.
By Jerry Lemons
GCM epub icon Save the sand
An enhanced drainage method eases the pain of bunker maintenance.
By Mark Leslie
GCM epub icon The Poa predicament
An experiment with a new herbicide at Pennsylvania's Centre Hills Country Club proves that "easy does it" is an effective approach.
By Chip Fogleman
Is the grass really greener?
Pigmented products provided inconsistent health benefit.
By Bert McCarty, Ph.D.; A.W. Gore; and J.R. Gann
Weed management options on golf course putting greens
Significant weed infestations are not common on creeping bentgrass and hybrid bermudagrass putting greens, but when they are, help is available.
By J.T. Brosnan, Ph.D.; G.K. Breeden, M.S.; and A.J. Patton, Ph.D.
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Endophytes: The friendly fungi
GCM epub icon Shop
Chain grinder: an essential tool
GCM epub icon Advocacy
The 'New Washington' is here to stay
GCM epub icon Environment
Winning the mosquito war with Bt
GCM epub icon Tech
Irrigation access on the go
GCM epub icon Water
The A-List