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Maintaining Effective Internal and External Relationships

As humans, we are complex creatures with a variety of ways of thinking and communicating. Our different experiences and backgrounds shape who we are. The values we have are different. Our personalities make each of us unique. All of this contributes to the challenges we often face in interacting with other people – both professionally and personally.

What tools and resources are available to support us in better understanding others, and in appreciating their uniqueness and diversity? There is a plethora of information available, including:

  • Classes on interpersonal communications and dynamics
  • Workshops and seminars on communications and building relationships
  • Personality, communication and leadership style quizzes and profiles

Ideas for learning more:

  • Take a test to determine your dominant traits and identify your leadership and communication style.
  • Participate in group discussions with a professional facilitator or instructor to better understand the different types.
  • Role play another person’s style to better understand the differences.
  • Work through different scenarios to understand different perspectives and how people prefer to communicate.
  • Learn the differences between right brain and left brain thinking. What are the strengths, challenges and motivators of each type?

Communication Tips

Our body language communicates more than verbal language. Items such as appearance, posture, gestures, clothing and surroundings are strong elements of nonverbal communication. Verbal communication includes the spoken word, as well as factors such as intonation, inflection, volume, speed and vocabulary.


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