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Chapter effectiveness

GCSAA serves members through affiliated chapters. For most members, the first place they turn to for help or support is their local chapter. Therefore, GCSAA has made it a top priority to support affiliated chapters in more effectively serving their members. An effective chapter has the following traits:

  • Attracts, develops and retains vibrant leadership
  • Experiences positive membership growth
  • Communicates effectively with its members and constituents, using available resources
  • Provides and promotes opportunities for member engagement
  • Strives to be a community whose members feel included
  • Has a solid infrastructure and seeks to implement best practices for its association operations
  • Is a financially healthy and responsible organization
  • Aligns with the mission and vision of GCSAA

Chapter Assessment Tool

Since the launch of the chapter effectiveness initiative, chapters were asked to complete an assessment tool. This is required the first year of each affiliation period.

The chapter assessment tool is an instrument designed to guide chapter leaders through the process of examining association operations, services, programs and activities against the competencies for success. This assessment tool will enable a chapter board to identify those areas where a chapter excels, as well as areas the chapter would like to develop, improve or enhance. By completing this assessment tool, each chapter will be able to identify successful areas to build on, as well as challenges to be addressed. GCSAA will work with each chapter to develop a personal plan of action.


The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America is dedicated to serving its members,
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