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Quick Tips from the Meeting Planning Team Room Setup

1. Know your room setup and capacity:

Setup Style Space Per Person Notes
Reception 9 to 10 square feet If you have a reception with entertainment, décor and many food stations: or if you wish to have seating at your reception, DO NOT USE these numbers. The space shown per person is for a standard bar with hors d’oeuvres (not dinner).
Less than 60 people
12 to 13 square feet Allows at least 24 inches of space between rows. Most facilities only provide 20 inches between rows, which is insufficient.
60 to 300 people
11 to 12 square feet  
More than 300 people
10 to 11 square feet  
Schoolroom: General 17 to 22 square feet Allows for use of rectangular tables that are 6 or 8 feet long and 18 inches wide, with 2 feet per person and 3.5 feet between tables as the minimum for a comfortable set. Beware of sets with 3 feet or less between tables- too tight! *** When using 30-inch tables, add 1 square foot per person to these figures.
Schoolroom: 60 people or less 22 to 23 square feet  
Schoolroom: 60 to 300 people 20 to 21 square feet  
Schoolroom: More than 300 people 17 to 18 square feet  
Aisle widths Center – 6’
Side or Cross – 6’
ADA minimum – 4’

2. Know your banquet table sizes and seating:

Table size Seating Note:
60-inch round 60-inch round 8 people Banquet rounds should be at least 5 feet apart to accommodate an aisle between tables.
66-inch round 9 people  
72-inch round 10 people  


3. Principles to remember when setting up a room:

  • Set to the long side of the room when reasonable.
  • Minimize straight-row seating.
  • Avoid center aisles.
  • Distance between chairs should be at least 2”

GCSAA Meeting Planning Team

The GCSAA Meeting Planning Team is here to assist you with the logistics for your chapter meeting and functions. Contact the following team members if you have questions on our quick tips.

Jana Brown, CMP, associate director, conference events and meeting planning

Judy Schelar, CMP, manager, conference events and meeting planning


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