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Sample bylaws language
Because chapter membership class A, Superintendent Member and C classifications must be consistent with GCSAA classifications, following is sample bylaws language to meet the affiliation requirements. Also provided is language for the board composition and dual membership requirements.

Definition of a Golf Course Superintendent
A golf course superintendent is one who is entrusted with the management and operation of the tract of land defined as a golf course, including involvement in construction and maintenance of golf courses and related equipment.

Membership classification conformity
Class A — An individual with a minimum of three (3) years’ experience as a golf course superintendent.

Note: Chapters may additionally choose to require their Class A members to comply with all additional qualifications of a GCSAA Class A membership. If your chapter chooses this option, please contact GCSAA to request a copy of the GCSAA Class A membership definition for your bylaws.

Superintendent Member — An individual with less than three (3) years’ experience as a golf course superintendent.

Class C — An individual who is an assistant to a golf course superintendent, and is presently employed in such capacity.

The above language does not cover membership privileges such as voting and holding office as these are not conformity requirements contained in the affiliation agreement.

Board composition requirement
The control and management of the association and its affairs and its property shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors, consisting of its officers and at large Directors. All officers and a majority of the entire board of directors shall be GCSAA Class A or Superintendent Member members.

Dual membership requirement
All Class A and Superintendent Member membership applicants must submit an application for membership or evidence of membership with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and must maintain that membership thereafter.

Facility Membership (optional for chapters)
A facility membership is available to those facilities that operate with limited resources. The membership is in the name of the facility. However, the recipient of the membership benefits and information can be the superintendent, owner, or other representative selected by a golf facility. The facility is entitled to all privileges of membership, except those of voting and holding office.


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