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Working with Your Board of Directors

Working effectively with a chapter’s board members is a key to the success of your chapter. GCSAA has compiled a list of resources to support your chapter’s leadership.

Board Orientation

It’s crucial to get your newly elected directors and officers off on the right foot. It is important to provide orientation training that includes the following:

  1. Job Description – What’s expected of each board member? Need sample descriptions? Check these out.
  2. Board responsibilities – What is your board’s focus? Providing timely and relevant programs? Strengthening membership numbers? Outline your chapter’s mission, vision and goals (use sample from a strategic planning session). Be sure to explain the legal duties as well.
  3. Board member expectations – Clearly define what you expect of your board members. Do they need to attend all board meetings? Do they need to chair any committees? Write it out! Here’s a sample Board Commitment Pledge.
  4. Board/Staff Relationship – If your chapter has staff, make sure to describe their duties and responsibilities. Don’t assume that new board members will realize “who does what”. Working together as a team is important.

Board Meetings

  • Here are some tips , shared by the Rocky Mountain GCSA, for running an effective meeting.
  • Meeting minutes – Make sure that minutes are taken at all board meetings and are prepared for review at the next meeting. Minutes should include:
    • Formal action voted upon
    • Summary of the outcomes of the meeting
    • A list of those present, including guests

There is no need to record the general discussion leading up to the final voted action. If necessary, corrections and amendments can be made at the next meeting, at which time the formal minutes should be officially approved. Minutes of your board of directors meetings are official documents and should be signed by the secretary and maintained in the association’s permanent files.

Does your chapter board include an assistant superintendent? 

Does you Chapter have an Assistant Superintendent Committee?
Chapters throughout the country are beginning to realize the importance of their assistant superintendent members. Assistants are the future of the golf course superintendent profession and the future leaders of the chapter. Assistant superintendents are often a group that is eager to become more involved with their local chapters and are looking for opportunities to grow their leadership and communication skills. Some chapters have an assistant superintendent representative on their board. This position helps keep the assistant member perspective communicated and it is also a way to gain leadership experience for the individual. Other chapters have created an assistant superintendent committee. The committee is responsible for programming aimed at the assistant superintendent.
The 2008 GCSAA Assistant Superintendent Committee produced a template that explains the benefits of creating an assistant board position or assistant superintendent committee. The template also contains information on potential programs for assistants.


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