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Visions of gingerbread danced in their heads

The children of the Metropolitan GCSA members celebrated the holiday season with visions of gingerbread dancing in their heads. It was an opportunity to have some holiday fun and spend time with family.

About 70 Metropolitan GCSA members, spouses and children participated in the Gingerbread House Party on Dec. 11 at the Centennial Golf Club in Carmel, New York.

Host superintendent William Heintz, Metropolitan GCSA president, and his wife Linda organized the event. Will deemed the event a “huge success.”

Linda made about 20 pounds of gingerbread dough to create the houses that the children later decorated. When the families arrived, they were served a light lunch, and then it was off to decorate the gingerbread houses.

The Metropolitan GCSA’s Social & Welfare Committee lined up the fully constructed houses on a long table with cups of candy and paper piping bags filled with royal icing. The committee members went around to each child as they were decorating, and had the opportunity to visit with them about their gingerbread houses. Linda Heintz said, “Their creativity, imagination, excitement and innocence was apparent in the decoration. Having their own piping bag that they control, and making decisions about their fantasy house was a treat.”

At the end of the event, each child’s house was wrapped in cellophane, tied with a red ribbon, and placed in a red bag for transportation. William Heintz, said the event was “colorful and festive”.

Submitted by William Heintz.

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