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Committee Liaison Descriptions

Certification Attestor Liaison

Although your chapter may not have a certification committee, it is recommended that you appoint one member to serve as certification attestor liaison. This individual must be a certified golf course superintendent. The liaison serves as the GCSAA contact with regard to the selection of attestors for certification applicants. As chapter members apply for certification through GCSAA, the attestor liaison will be contacted to identify two certified chapter members to conduct the course evaluation part of the certification process.

Education Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. To plan and coordinate the education meetings and seminars of the association.
  2. To work with GCSAA headquarters to schedule regional seminars, request on demand webcasts or request credit for education events.
  3. To survey the membership to identify educational needs of chapter members.
  4. To identify a variety of educational delivery methods.
  5. To work with the board and chapter executive to promote educational events.
  6. To evaluate educational meetings and report findings to the board of directors.

Education Programming Liaison

It is suggested that the Education Committee chair serve as this liaison. This individual provides feedback and information regarding educational needs of the superintendent. The liaison provides information on chapter-sponsored education activities. The liaison serves as the contact for chapter-sponsored education programs, and requests seminars and other education services or products for chapter-sponsored education events. The education programming liaison also recommends local speakers for chapter or national programs.

Finance Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. To plan and submit the association’s annual budget to the board of directors.
  2. To monitor and evaluate the financial position of the association and report the findings to the board of directors and the association’s membership.
  3. To recommend to the board of directors the hiring of an outside auditor to review the financial operations of the association when necessary.
  4. To identify ways to improve the financial operation of the association and make recommendations for changes to the board of directors.

First Tee Program Liaison

The First Tee Program liaison is responsible for communicating with GCSAA and the local First Tee chapter. In addition, this liaison may serve on the board of a local First Tee chapter and help coordinate volunteer activities to assist First Tee facilities.

Government Relations Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. To keep abreast of state and local legislation and regulations that affect golf course superintendents.
  2. To represent the members of the association by communicating with state and local government officials during the approval stages of legislation and regulations.
  3. Work with GCSAA Headquarters to represent superintendents at the national and local levels on government-related issues.
  4. To develop contacts within state and local governments in order to communicate on pending legislation and regulations that may adversely affect golf course superintendents.

Government Relations Liaison

The suggested liaison is the chair of the Government Relations Committee or the chapter executive. Keeps GCSAA informed about state and local government activity. Mobilizes chapter members for grassroots lobbying efforts. Reports to chapter members about important government initiatives. Established a chapter government relations network. Government relations liaisons receive: grassroots lobbying packets; information packets customized for regional and chapter issues; GCSAA Online information on the government relations program and issues affecting superintendents; chapter advocacy training and guidance; and access to videos and training from government relations staff to help you educate your chapter. For more information, check out these additional resources.

Technical Assistance Network Program Liaison

The suggested liaison for this position is a GCSAA superintendent member who has worked at a facility that offers affordable and accessible golf or who has been a mentor to a superintendent at such a facility. Helps facilitate the Technical Assistance Network at the chapter level. Encourages the identification of potential participating facilities within the chapter. Solicits superintendent volunteers to serve as advisors and as a resource to participating facilities. Helps develop and maintain the current list of used equipment for sale to participating facilities. Encourages ongoing advancement and participation of the Technical Assistance Network Program. Communicates updates and questions regarding the Technical Assistance Network to GCSAA Headquarters.

Membership Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. Increase the membership of the association.
  2. Improve member retention within the association.
  3. Identify and recruit potential members of the association.
  4. Evaluate current member services of the association.
  5. Identify and evaluate additional member services.
  6. Encourage volunteerism among the membership.
  7. Make recommendations concerning membership classifications, requirements and dues structure to the board of directors for bylaws amendment consideration.

Nominating Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. Invite members to serve as officers and directors of the chapter.
  2. Accept nominations from members and then prepares a slate of candidates for the annual election.

The suggested committee chair is the immediate past president.

Public Relations Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. Work with GCSAA Headquarters to promote and improve the position of the golf course superintendent.
  2. Work with GCSAA Headquarters to develop campaigns and strategies to improve the image and status of the golf course superintendent members within the chapter.
  3. Develop and maintain contacts with local print and television media.
  4. Consider advertisements to help promote the golf course superintendent’s profession.
  5. Work with the GCSAA Headquarters office to effectively communicate the environmental benefits of golf courses.

Media/Public Relations Contact

It is suggested that the chairman of the Public Relations Committee serve as the media/PR contact. This liaison serves as the main contact for the chapter in media/public relations activities, maintains a local media contact list and distributes news releases as necessary. This liaison assists national staff in publicity efforts by providing copies of newspaper clippings, television tapes, etc. Informs national office of possible media opportunities and how chapter/national staff can work together to maximize exposure. Serves as point person in the distribution of GCSAA media materials. Check out these additional resources.

Scholarship and Research Committee

Goals and charges:

  1. Identifies and coordinates fund-raising opportunities for scholarship and research activities.
  2. Solicits proposals for research activities.
  3. Works with GCSAA Headquarters to prevent duplicate research activities.
  4. Develops scholarship programs.
  5. Solicits applications and selects recipients for scholarship programs.


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