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Providing Value to Our Members

As association leaders and executives, all of us are challenged to engage members in our associations. With so much competition and demand for their time, how do we provide the value and benefits that attract members, exceed their needs and expectations, and keep them involved?

The following presentation, delivered at the Chapter Managers Session on Feb. 12 at GCSAA's International Golf Course Conference & Show in San Diego, discusses society's demand on our time. We want to attract members and volunteers to our associations and get them actively involved, yet we know that there is great competition for their time. A number of trends are creating a time crunch that many of us, and our members, experience on a daily basis. This presentation provides insight into these trends and takes a look at the different generations who are impacted by these trends.

After reviewing this presentation, work with the leaders of your association to answer these questions:

  • What attracts members to our chapter?
  • What is the perceived value for recruiting members to our chapter?
  • What does our association offer members that they cannot receive anywhere else?
  • What methods does our chapter use to find out our members' needs?
  • What are some ideas we have to engage members?
  • Why should, or how does, our chapter involve assistant superintendents? What are the benefits in involving assistant superintendents? Are assistant superintendents "career assistants" or are they transitioning into the role of golf course superintendent?
  • How does (or can) our chapter provide value and meaning to retain its members?

Once you have answered these questions, develop a value proposition for your members. If you met a prospective member on the street, or during a golf course visit, what story would you tell them about your association’s purpose? How would you say:

  • Here’s what we offer that’s unique to our chapter.
  • Here’s what you’ll get from our chapter that you won’t get anywhere else (think in terms of benefits, not services).
  • How will it change their lives on a professional level? Focus on the return on investment to the members.
  • Encourage potential members to think about the contributions they could make to the association.




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