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Chapter Education Planning and Development Guide

GCSAA's mission is to "serve its members, advance their profession, and enrich the quality of golf and its environment." A fundamental associated role of GCSAA is to facilitate education and/or assist other providers of quality education for GCSAA members using the best available means.

Local chapters provide a large portion of the education on which golf course superintendents rely. In many instances, chapters do not have the resources or experience to design education programs for maximum efficiency. While many programs have outstanding selections of instructors and presenters, the amount of learning taking place is rarely targeted toward specific desired outcomes or rarely covers a topic sufficiently to enable a higher level of competency in the participants.

This manual is designed to provide commonly accepted training standards and guidance for the development and delivery of quality education programs that will better enable learning. In addition, use of these common program design methods will make the work of program developer or manager much easier.

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