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GCSAA chapter/student chapter partnership program

The primary purpose of a GCSAA student chapter is to provide students interested in golf course management an opportunity to interact with others in their field, particularly with superintendents in a nearby GCSAA affiliated chapter. Under the guidance of an involved local chapter, students can network with professionals in the field, learn about golf course management as a profession, and become familiar with their ethical responsibilities as a superintendent. A local chapter can provide an ideal opportunity for students to interact through educational and social programs.

GCSAA student chapters

GCSAA currently has student chapters across the country. For more information about developing a partnership or supporting the activities of a student chapter, please contact the faculty adviser.

Benefits of establishing a partnership with a student chapter

There are many advantages to establishing a partnership with a student chapter. Listed below are benefits and general responsibilities for both the GCSAA affiliated chapter and student chapter involved in the partnership.

Benefits to the GCSAA affiliated chapter

Key to student chapters is a mentoring relationship between a GCSAA affiliated chapter and a student chapter. Specific advantages to the affiliated chapter in assisting with the development of a student chapter include:

  • Creating a positive climate of cooperation and involvement among students and professionals.
  • Providing a candidate pool for internships and part-time employment.
  • Enhancing students' understanding of the need for and mechanism of participation in a professional golf course management organization.
  • Increasing the likelihood that student members will continue as active members of the state or local affiliated chapter after graduation.
  • Promoting the development of leadership through student participation in governance and policy development processes.

Requirements of the GCSAA affiliated chapter

  • Select an individual to serve as a liaison to the student chapter.
  • Invite the student chapter to at least one regular meeting annually.
  • Conduct a minimum of one educational program (guest speaker) or seminar for the student chapter annually.
  • Establish a mentoring relationship with the student chapter.
  • Extend an invitation to the student chapter to attend at least one social event annually.

Required guidelines for the student chapters

A student chapter must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of five (5) student members.
  • All members of a student chapter must also be student members of GCSAA.
  • Select an individual to serve as a liaison to the GCSAA affiliated chapter.
  • Maintain a consistent working relationship with the GCSAA affiliated chapter's selected liaison.
  • Inform the GCSAA affiliated chapter of the student chapter's goals, challenges, programs and activities.
  • Send the liaison, officer or designated student chapter member to attend one GCSAA affiliated chapter meeting. An invitation from the GCSAA affiliated chapter is required.

Suggested activities to conduct with a student chapter

  • "Golf Night" - Invite student chapter members to attend a seminar or forum. Have several local golf course superintendents available to talk to the students about career paths in golf course management.
  • Work with local golf course superintendents to coordinate a "shadow program", which allows students to spend a day with a superintendent in a work setting as a way of being introduced to the profession.
  • Sponsor a program called "How We Got Where We Are." Have several recent graduates (golf course superintendents or assistant superintendents) talk about their career development, the career options available and career decision making.
  • Take groups of students on a tour of a golf facility. Have students meet with essential members of the management team and encourage them to ask questions.
  • Sponsor a "Career Fair" and invite local golf course superintendents. This is a program where superintendents talk to students about what they are seeking in potential hires. Résumé writing, interviewing and "dressing for success" should be discussed. Mock job interviews are beneficial to both participants, allowing students to experience and get a feel for how interviews are handled. It also allows practitioners a chance to review a student's work and get an idea of the capabilities of the graduates.
  • Have the student chapter member help administer your chapter's annual golf tournament.

For more information on student chapter partnerships, please contact Leann Cooper.


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