First Hand First Tee Experience

William Vollbrecht

William Vollbrecht is the golf maintenance supervisor at Three Rivers Park District in Minnesota. The District consists of the Eagle Lake Golf Center and the Glen Lake facility. The First Tee of Three Rivers is located at the Eagle Lake Golf Center. The facility has a nine-hole executive course, a nine-hole Pitch and Putt course, and a large practice facility with a 30 station driving range. Eagle Lake is located on 240 acres of land that also serve as a regional park. Glen Lake also hosts some First Tee events. William supervises the greens staff of both courses.

Prior to his First Tee involvement, William had experience with youth by volunteering with church-associated youth groups during camping and canoeing trips. He also worked with a local youth hockey association as a board member, coach and official. Though he does not teach any particular section of The First Tee curriculum, William occasionally gives presentations to the students about different aspects of golf.

William finds The First Tee experience both professionally and personally satisfying. He enjoys the challenge of maintaining a quality course for a younger clientele, especially on a somewhat limited budget. He also enjoys helping to provide this opportunity for young golfers and loves seeing a group of children ride up to his course on their bikes, all toting golf bags. The First Tee program is a rewarding opportunity because “as a child growing up, this kind of program was not an option.”

To others interested in being involved in The First Tee, William has this to say, “It is a great opportunity for all. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, experienced or just starting in the field. This truly can be a rewarding experience for all involved!”