First Hand First Tee Experience

Dave Coy

Dave Coy is the superintendent at the First Tee of Michigan at Belle Isle Golf Center in Huntington Woods, Michigan. He came to The First Tee of Michigan from a local course where he was the assistant superintendent.

After interviewing and hearing all about The First Tee and their goals, Dave was convinced the job would be perfect for him. He especially liked the fact that The First Tee is all about kids. Having 5 year old twins who are showing an interest in the game of golf, Dave is excited to get them involved in the program.

He has been the superintendent at The First Tee of Michigan at the Belle Isle facility for the past 4 years. Thoroughly enjoying his position, he was hired during the seeding process and has held the reigns ever since.

He said, "Working for The First Tee, is quite unique, it came about because the City of Detroit didn't want the responsibility."

Dave has a crew of six and is responsible for all of the chemical spraying, irrigation and light mechanical duties. He is also involved with the golf programs, by occasionally helping out with group lessons. In the winter, Dave works with the PGA professional by fitting golf clubs for the kids. The clubs are given to kids in need.

Dave enjoys sitting in on meetings that affect their First Tee programming. He said this aspect of his job gives him the opportunity to expand his role in the program, which is currently 650 kids strong.

"I highly recommend getting involved with The First Tee, it can be quite rewarding. I wish they had something like this when I was younger."