The First Tee

In June 1998, GCSAA established its commitment to the World Golf Foundation's First Tee initiative. GCSAA is one of several national organizations directly involved with The First Tee whose mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and educational programs that promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf.

GCSAA is dedicated to serving its members, advancing their profession and enhancing the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf. Supporting The First Tee program is consistent with GCSAA's mission and strategic objectives to help grow the game of golf. Stephen F. Mona, GCSAA's Chief Executive Officer says, "We believe it's important to support an initiative that exposes the game to youth who otherwise might not be, and that ultimately seeks to develop outstanding citizens that will eventually lead our nation in the next generation."

To learn about The First Tee, visit their Web site or contact Scott Woodhead at 800- 472-7878, ext. 4418.

First hand First Tee experience

Read about how fellow GCSAA superintendents have made a difference by getting involved with The First Tee:

Monica Lalinde Cooper, CGCS
David Coy
Brad Fryrear, CGCS
David Gourlay, CGCS
David W. Hite
Misty Lewis
James Morton
Lee Osborn
William Vollbrecht

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GCSAA First Tee Liaison Program

GCSAA represents more than 22,000 members and chapters across the country and beyond. As one of the supporting organizations the association is committed to working with The First Tee. The golf course superintendent is a key player in the development of a new course and in improving conditions at a mature course. There are currently 68 golf course superintendents who have signed up to act as The First Tee liaison for their GCSAA chapter.

GCSAA and its members are interested in hearing from superintendents that are involved with The First Tee activities. Update your fellow members and others in the golf industry with your story by completing the Firsthand First Tee Experience form.

Certified superintendents can earn .5 service points with a maximum of 1.0 per five-year renewal period, when serving in a Board position of a First Tee chapter.

Search the GCSAA First Tee Liaison list to find the liaison in your area.

GCSAA First Tee Network

This listserver (an e-mail group) is designed to serve as a communication tool for The First Tee inquiries. Those currently on the list include GCSAA First Tee liaisons, The First Tee contacts and their Regional Development Team. The goal is to facilitate discussion and answer questions pertaining to The First Tee development. To find out additional information, contact Scott Woodhead at 800-472-7878, ext. 4418.

GCSAA First Tee Information Kit

The First Tee Information Kit consists of materials that give a broader perspective of The First Tee program and how to get involved. If you or another interested party is contemplating pursuing a First Tee facility for your area, contact Scott Woodhead at 800-472-7878, ext. 4418 or go to The First Tee Home Office to find regional development manager for your state.