Trends in Contemporary Golf Course Architecture

Presented by the American Society of Golf Course Architects

Tuesday, Feb. 28
3:30 – 5 pm
LVCC Room N112

Moderator: Rick Phelps, President, ASGCA; Golf Course Architect, Phelps-Atkinson Golf Course Design

Members of the American Society of Golf Course Architects love nothing more than a healthy debate and will literally take sides over some of today’s golf course architecture trends. For example, in public course design, some say all hazards should be visible while others argue that some blind hazards are acceptable. Or, while routing a golf course, should an architect design for “walkability” or are cart paths the way to go? ASGCA members will dig in and debate each side of several topics and the audience will be invited to comment. Phelps will keep things moving and promises to send attendees away still talking about these hot topics.