Got Water? Water Availability, Reductions and Efficiency in the Golf Industry

Monday, Feb. 4
3:30 – 5 p.m.
Room 3

The use of irrigation water on golf courses is an integral part of providing marketable golfing conditions in the U.S. Many areas of the country have experienced drought in recent years including Texas, Florida and Georgia. In 2012, drought conditions were even more widespread throughout the eastern U.S. In this session, panel members will provide an overview of water issues in the U.S. including overall availability, potential restrictions and technical advances in irrigation equipment that will lead to more efficient use of water in the golf industry. A complimentary session on the public policy implications of golf course water use, "Politics of Water," will be conducted on Tuesday beginning at 3 pm by the GCSAA Government Relations department.

Moderator: Greg Lyman, Director of Environmental Programs, GCSAA


  • Kimberly Erusha, Ph.D., Managing Director, USGA Green Section
  • Penny Falcon, Water Conservation Policy Manager, Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power
  • Dana Lonn, P.E., Managing Director, Center for Advanced Turf Technologies, The Toro Co.
  • Patrick Watson, CGCS, Conservation Services Administrator, Southern Nevada Water Authority