The examination is given within the superintendent’s one-year applicant period, which begins when the certification application is approved.

The exam:

  • is closed-book
  • has three parts consisting of a total of 229 multiple-choice questions
  • has a six-hour time limit for completion
  • must be completed in one sitting
  • requires a minimum score of 67% on each part for passing

Logging on to the Self Assessment Tool at this point and reviewing the certification exam tab will show you the actual performance statements that are tested under each of these competencies.

GCSAA monitors the exam once a year at the Golf Industry Show (GIS). You may test at that time, or you may choose to test on another date with a local monitor. If you chose this option, you and a GCSAA-approved monitor will arrange the time and place to take the test. GCSAA mails the exam directly to the monitor, along with a postage-paid certified-return receipt envelope for return to headquarters. Either way, you have a time limit of six hours in which to complete the exam in one sitting.

Each of the three parts is scored separately, with a minimum score of 67% required for passing. You may re-take any failed part twice in the one year period after your application has been approved. However, failure to pass a part after two retakes will require a one-year waiting period before you may reapply to the program.