Integrated Pest Management

Community members and government regulatory agencies have demonstrated concern regarding pesticide use. Golf course superintendents must discover effective methods for reducing the reliance on pesticides and increasing the use of biological, mechanical and cultural pest management techniques; all of which are subjects addressed in this specialization.

Study Requirements: (complete seven)


Advanced Weed Management
Cool-Season Turfgrass Insects- Biology, Ecology, and Management
Cutting Edge Disease Identification and Management for Cool-Season grasses
IPM: Putting Together an Effective Plan for your Golf Course
Management of Weeds in Cool-Season Turfgrass Systems
Management Strategies for the Turfgrass System
Microscope Identification of Turfgrass Diseases
New Weapons for Old Weeds
Organic Approach to Golf Course Management
Strategies for Poa Annua Prevention and Control in Cool-Season turf
Turf Insecticide Mode of Action and Resistance Management
Understanding Biostimulants
Using Wetting Agents on the Golf Course

Self-Study Courses

Advanced Principles of Insect Pest Management -- online version
Responsible Pesticide Use in Golf Course Management -- print version
Responsible Pesticide Use in Golf Course Management -- online version
Taking Control of Grassy Weeds -- online version
Understanding Insect Pests on Golf Courses -- online version

Previously offered courses that satisfy elective requirements for this specialization:

A-Z of Pesticides
Advanced Management for Warm-Season Turfgrass Insect Pests
Bio-Products and Organics
Bioactivity of Turfgrass Fungicides
Cool-Season Turfgrass Vertebrate and Invertebrate Pest Management
Design, Construction and Renovation for IPM
Developing a Comprehensive Turfgrass Management Program
Disease Identification and Control
Effective Management for Warm-Season Turfgrass Insect Pests
Environmental Considerations in Golf Course Management
Insect and Disease Management for Warm-Season Turfgrass
Integrated Disease Management for Bermudagrass Golf Courses
Integrated Environmental Management
Introduction to Integrated Pest Management
Maximizing Turfgrass Disease Control
Options and Their Applications in Pest Management
Pest Management in Seashore Paspalum
Scouting, Sampling and Monitoring Golf Course Pests
The Microbiology of Turfgrass Soils
Trends and Updates in Cool-Season Insect and Vertebrate Management
Turfgrass Ecology
Turfgrass Stress Management
Weed Control
Weed Control in Ornamentals
Golf Course Weed Management- Beyond the Basics
An Environmental Plan for Your Golf Facility
Fungicide Resistance and Management for Turfgrass Diseases
Plant Growth Regulators: Physiology and Application in Cool Season Turfgrass
The Integrated Approach to Vertebrate Management
Warm-Season Turfgrass Disease Management