August • Volume 83 • Number 8

Repeat business
With its dramatic lakefront vistas and 967 (!) bunkers, the Straits Course at Whistling Straits is ready for yet another turn in the major championship spotlight.
By Scott Hollister

GCM epub icon The quest for the perfect sand
At the heart of every great bunker is a great bunker sand. Knowing what to look for (and where to look for it) is the key to making the right choice for your golf course.
By Stacie Zinn Roberts
GCM epub icon Growing a grassroots influence
GCSAA's Grassroots Ambassador program gives golf a voice in the halls of Congress by cultivating relationships with policymakers at the local level. Here's how and why to lend your voice to the chorus.
By Kaelyn Seymour
GCM epub icon A state of flux
Experts agree on the benefits of ultradwarf berumdagrasses, but are also paying heed to emerging challenges facing those who manage these warm-season turfgrasses.
By Sam Williams
Improving turfgrass establishment with multiple-depth seeding
Planting turfgrass seed at more than one depth may increase the odds of establishment in non-irrigated fields.
By John Grande, Ph.D., and Robert Shortell, Ph.D.
Snow mold fungicide persistence
How long do snow mold fungicides persist in variable winter conditions, and how does persistence affect disease control?
By P.L. Koch, Ph.D.; J.C. Stier, Ph.D.; and J.P. Kerns, Ph.D.
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Grazin' in the grass
Curiosity fuels an MVT winner
GCM epub icon Advocacy
WOTUS: Defined, but not done
GCM epub icon Environment
Lighten up
GCM epub icon Technology
On course with the Apple Watch