December • Volume 82 • Number 12

Getting it write
Dan Jenkins, 2015 Old Tom Morris Award recipient, is a wordsmith extraordinaire who rarely has been able to keep his sense of humor out of the way of his work.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon The time of his life
Cancer is a major reason why superintendent Bobby Goerlich knows time is precious. To him, his GCSAA membership is as precious as it gets.
By Howard Richman
GCM epub icon Texas triumphs
When the GCSAA Golf Championships hit San Antonio in February, participants will find a golf market built on a storied golf history but with an eye clearly trained on the future.
By Art Stricklin
GCM epub icon Life beyond the greens
Build a "time budget" for everything you need — and want — to do.
By Jeff LeBlanc

GCM epub iconArticle index 2014
Wetting agents improve root-zone moisture distribution
Wetting agents reduce localized dry spot without adversely affecting root-zone moisture.
By Doug Karcher, Ph.D., and Mike Richardson, Ph.D.
Relationship between distribution uniformity and soil moisture content
Tests on a sand-based green suggest that soil moisture measurements and hand watering are critical to mitigating localized dry spot.
By Alec Kowalewski, Ph.D.; Clint Mattox; Brian McDonald, M.S.; Brian Daviscourt; and Carmen Magro, CGCS
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Global Soil Survey breaks new ground
GCM epub icon Shop
The mechanics of easy cutting
GCM epub icon Advocacy
A look back
GCM epub icon Technology
Plugging in your clubhouse irrigation
GCM epub icon Environment
Know your (water) rights'