March • Volume 83 • Number 3

Living the dream
Newly elected GCSAA President John O'Keefe, CGCS, exemplifies the American dream.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon Freeze warning
Building and maintaining an ice rink for members at Nashawtuc Country Club in Concord, Mass., isn't all smooth skating for Greg Cormier, CGCS.
By Greg Cormier, CGCS
GCM epub icon Bear tamers
A shared sense of teamwork helps Jane Broderick and Lukus Harvey keep a handle on all 90 holes of golf at the busy PGA National Resort and Spa.
By Michael R. Abramowitz
GCM epub icon Don't call it a comeback
Mark Black, CGCS, and Quail West tackle a renovation project designed to modernize greens at the club and keep it among south Florida's elite.
By Hal Phillips
GCM epub icon Petroleum diesel and biodiesel spills affect fairways differently
The effects of petroleum diesel and two types of biodiesel were tested on three turfgrass genera in Arkansas.
By Donald M. Johnson, Ph.D.; Don W. Edgar, Ph.D.; Douglas E. Karcher, Ph.D.; Michael D. Richardson, Ph.D.; and John H. McCalla, M.S.
GCM epub icon USGA research reports
Reports of USGA-funded research related to golf course management.
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Low-input vs. traditional turfgrass: Runoff quantity and quality
GCM epub icon Shop
Saving cranks and other shafts
GCM epub icon Advocacy
Reaching far and wide
GCM epub icon Environment
Racing against Resistance
GCM epub icon Career
References: Make them count