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April 2009

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Financial fallout

Turf industry representatives and researchers seek the few remaining handholds in a plummeting economy.
By Terry Ostmeyer

The big chill

Frosts and freezes are a fact of life on golf courses. Here’s a primer to share with your facility.
By Ed Brotak, Ph.D.

Some reel sharp talk

A turf equipment manager makes the case for scheduled sharpening programs.
By Brian Whitehair

Go brown and save green

With the economy down, fuel prices up and the environment on everyone’s mind, has there ever been a better time to go brown?
By David Longville, CGCS

Keeping it clean

Addressing environmental concerns up front is easier than fixing things later.
By Matthew Ayers and Frank Getchell

Better safe than sorry

Safety training, like maintaining turf, is an ever-changing science.
By Steve Hackmann

Toxic behavior

Bullying in the workplace can poison an otherwise smooth operation. A proactive approach is a superintendent’s best weapon against the problem. 
By Kent R. Davies