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April 2009


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Superintendents who are doing more with less on their golf courses are the focus of “Lean and Green,” one of several new features you can see this month on GCSAA TV (www.gcsaa.tv). Also this month, you can enjoy video features on a new turfgrass research funding initiative in the Carolinas and a look at an innovative inner-city youth golf program in San Francisco.

Tournament fact sheets online

For constantly updated fact sheets on all events of the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, PGA of America, Champions Tour, USGA, GCSAA Golf Championships, Duramed Futures Tour and other events, visit the GCSAA Web site, click on the “News” link on the left-hand side of the page, then click on “View tournament factsheets” under “Inside the News Room.” Fact sheets include dates and locations of events plus course statistics, ratings and characteristics, among many other facts and details. Visit www.gcsaa.org to access the fact sheets, or call GCSAA Communications at 800-472-7878. 

Participate in the
EIFG survey online

Why should superintendents take the latest edition of the Environmental Institute for Golf’s environmental survey? Find out the multitude of reasons on a new video available on GCSAA’s new Web property, GCSAA.TV. Giving viewers an in-depth look at what superintendent participation in the latest Energy Use and Environmental Practices Survey means to the industry and its relationship with the environment, the video features Teri Harris, managing director of development for GCSAA. Visit www.gcsaa.tv to view the video, and www.eifg.org for more information about The Institute and how to participate.