July • Volume 82 • Number 7

Hole new ballgame?
More than ever, superintendents have a hand in grow-the-game initiatives. Some have already arrived, and some may be coming soon to a course near you.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon Mow for less
Leasing is becoming a popular and more affordable option for superintendents looking to replace their golf course equipment.
By Bill Loots
GCM epub icon Grounds for change
A golf course in the transition zone responds to years of drought with a switch from bentgrass to zoysiagrass on the fairways.
By Jonathan Pokrzywinski
GCM epub icon Making a championship course click
Superintendent Roger Meier teams with general manager Keith Reese and head professional Chris Hamburger to give Valhalla Golf Club a winning team.
By Roger Graves
Improving drought performance of creeping bentgrass
Sequential application of a plant growth regulator and glycine betaine, an osmoregulant, could help manage cool-season turf in prolonged periods of drought stress.
By Bingru Huang, Ph.D., and Patrick Burgess
A new nematicide for turfgrass
A byproduct of sugar processing has shown some efficacy as a nematicide in turfgrass.
By William T. Crow, Ph.D.
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Roundup Ready returns to turf
GCM epub icon Shop
This and that in the shop
GCM epub icon Advocacy
Wanted: GCSAA Grassroots Ambassadors
GCM epub icon Environment
Clean and green
GCM epub icon Career
Don't let body language hijack your message