May • Volume 82 • Number 5

Nearly four years ago, Imprelis surfaced as a broadleaf weed control option that some say was as good as it gets. The product, though, created serious, long-lasting issues that still are being resolved.
By Howard Richman

GCM epub icon 2014 Seed update
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Sometimes, the problem is you
A Canadian superintendent applies his study of bias in decision-making to golf course management.
By David J. Kuypers
GCM epub icon The right stuff
The best approach to landscaping and planting ornamentals can be as easy as selecting the right plant for the right place.
By John C. Fech, Ph.D.
Which Kentucky bluegrass cultivars perform better with less water?
Twenty-eight Kentucky bluegrass cultivars and two hybrid bluegrasses were tested for their ability to retain visual quality under reduced irrigation.
By Dale Bremer, Ph.D.; Steve Keeley, Ph.D.; Jack Fry, Ph.D.; and Jason Lewis, Ph.D.
Tar spot on seashore paspalum in Georgia
Tar spot has been identified for the first time on seashore paspalum turfgrass at the University of Georgia.
By Alfredo Martinez-Espinoza, Ph.D.; Omar Martinez-Uribe; and Dae Kim
GCM epub icon Cutting edge
By Teresa Carson
GCM epub icon Turf
Turfgrass testing
GCM epub icon Shop
Replacing orphan engines:
Part II
GCM epub icon Advocacy
Supers spend day in D.C.
GCM epub icon Environment
Party like a green star
GCM epub icon Career
Do you know why?
GCM epub icon Water
The cost of water business