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How to submit an article for publication in GCM

Most of GCM’s articles deal with problems faced by superintendents or describe techniques that allow superintendents to do their jobs better. The magazine particularly welcomes contributions from superintendents.

Send a one-page synopsis of the article (or proposed article) to:

Scott Hollister
Golf Course Management
1421 Research Park Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-832-4456
Fax: 785-832-3665

If you are a superintendent, a one-page synopsis is not necessary. Please contact:

Bunny Smith
Senior Managing Editor
Golf Course Management
1421 Research Park Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-832-4490
Fax: 785-832-3665

The article synopsis should:

  • Detail the author’s qualifications for writing the article. (Is the author a superintendent who has faced the problem or an industry-related participant who has specialized knowledge?)
  • Describe in detail the problem addressed by the article and the author’s solution or technique.
  • Describe available artwork that could illustrate the article. GCM is a color magazine -- good color illustrations, photos, graphs, etc., are a plus when the editors consider an article for publication.
  • Let the editors know if the article has already been prepared, or if it is yet to be written. If the article is not completed, include an estimate of the completion date.

Upon receipt, GCM editors will review the synopsis to determine if the suggested topic and treatment are appropriate. Editorial submissions on individual golf course operations, outstanding superintendents, special on-course projects, reconstruction, renovation and on-course applications of technology are always welcome for review. The greater the emphasis on the management role of the superintendent and the more effective the presentation of that role, the greater the likelihood of acceptance for publication. Notification of acceptance or rejection occurs as soon as possible.

General Submission Guidelines

Language: GCM generally employs a blend of Associated Press and magazine style for published feature articles. Even the most technically intricate articles often can be written in simple, conversational style, using verbal illustrations to make a point. Use short, precise words. Convey one thought per sentence. Construct brief paragraphs.

Editing: GCM will edit all published articles, and the editing staff can be ruthless. There is generally no author review after the editing process.

Industry submissions: GCM welcomes story submissions from companies within the golf course maintenance industry or public relations firms representing these companies. However, these stories should not be commercial in nature, should not be product specific and are subject to extremely strict editing by GCM staff members. Ideally, industry submissions will trade on the expertise of the submitting company in the discussion of a topic of general interest to golf course superintendents or focus on how a GCSAA member superintendent solved a problem or improved the management of the golf course.

Illustrations: GCM is a full-color magazine. An article’s chance of publication is greatly enhanced if photographs or other illustrative material accompany the article.

Payment: GCM pays on acceptance of articles and receipt of a signed author's agreement.

Length requirements: Feature articles should be (in general) from 6 to 10 double-spaced pages (1,500 to 2,500 words).

Preferred electronic software: Current or recent versions of Microsoft Word for Windows are preferred. Contact the editors if an alternative submission is planned.

Preferred mode for submission: Please e-mail your article to the appropriate editor. If you do not have e-mail access, please contact the editor about an alternative submission format.

Photo requirements: Photographs and illustrations are vitally important to stories published in GCM, and authors are strongly encouraged to include an appropriate amount of these elements with their story submissions. GCM will accept color prints, slides, negatives and digital images. When taking digital photos for use in GCM, authors are strongly encouraged to use cameras that are at least 3.2 megapixels or higher and are set to produce the highest resolution file possible. Submitted digital photos should be high resolution (at least 300 dpi) JPG, TIFF or EPS files and their physical size should be at least 4 inches wide. Digital photos may be submitted on CD-ROM or by e-mail. Original low-resolution digital photos that have been altered into high-resolution files in Photoshop or other photo editing programs are discouraged. Slides, photographs and negatives will be returned to authors following publication.

Standard operating procedure for photographs:
Photographs are a key element in complementing articles and in illustrating advertisements in Golf Course Management and Newsline. It is the intention of both publications to show the physical appearance of superintendents in the most professional light possible. The GCSAA Board of Directors approved the following publication dress standards.

  • Superintendents will not be depicted in blue jeans.
  • Superintendents will not be depicted in shorts.
  • Superintendents will not be depicted in t-shirts or sweatshirts.
  • Hats are allowed, but discouraged. Superintendents will not be depicted in hats bearing seed, chemical, grounds equipment or other commercial logos. Hats bearing employer/facility, GCSAA, or chapter logos are acceptable.
  • Superintendents, including those with facial hair, must appear well-groomed.
  • Sunglasses, when feasible, should be removed before taking a photograph for publication.

Competition: GCM will not reprint articles if they have previously appeared in another national publication. Also, once an article has been accepted for publication in GCM, we ask that it not be submitted to other national golf/turf industry publications or other publications. An article may be reprinted in a GCSAA-affiliated chapter publication. However, we request that the article appear in GCM first.

Leo Feser Award: All superintendent-written articles are eligible for the Leo Feser Award, presented first in 1956, and then annually since 1977 to the author of the best superintendent-written article published in Golf Course Management magazine during the previous year. Winners receive an all-expenses paid trip to the annual conference and show, are recognized during the Opening Session and reception at conference and show, and have their names engraved on a plaque permanently displayed at GCSAA headquarters.