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Publish your research in GCM

Share your research with the people who need it: golf course superintendents

Golf Course Management has a circulation of 40,000 and reaches every golf course in the United States. Readership surveys indicate that GCM is the No. 1 periodical in its field and that its research section is one of the most-read parts of the magazine.

Already published in a scholarly journal?

GCM often publishes papers that have previously appeared in scholarly journals. Most golf course superintendents do not subscribe to these journals, which may print only one or two articles relevant to their work. Because GCM is an association magazine, its articles are edited to appeal to a broader audience.

Submitting a paper to GCM

Content. GCM publishes the results of original research that is of interest to superintendents or helps them perform their professional duties. Following American Society of Agronomy guidelines, GCM requires two years or two distinct locations for field studies.

Manuscript format: Papers should be about 2,000 words. A longer article or a series of articles may be published on a topic that requires more coverage. Submit manuscripts in electronic format, preferably as e-mail attachments. Each part of the manuscript -- the text, each graph, photo or illustration -- should be sent as a separate electronic file. If you submit a hard copy of your manuscript, you must also submit an electronic copy, either on a 3.5-inch diskette or as an e-mail attachment. MS Word is the preferred word-processing program. If you use programs other than MS Word, provide the name of the program and the format (Mac or PC). Saving the document as an ASCII file is acceptable.

Technical jargon: Explain complicated, technical concepts and avoid jargon. Superintendents are busy professionals who appreciate a readable writing style.

References: Each article in the research section includes a numbered list of references or literature cited.

Acknowledgments: GCM requests that authors acknowledge all sources of funding for the research described in the article.

Graphs and tables: If you cannot provide tables as MS Word files, indicate which word-processing program has been used. Because GCM's designer will redraw all graphs, please provide data points for each graph. Excel is the preferred format, but tables of data points are acceptable.

Photos and illustrations:Authors are encouraged to include slides, photographs or illustrations that enhance the article. Color photographs and illustrations are preferred, but black and white is acceptable. Digital photographs must be high resolution (at least 3 by 4 inches at =300 dpi) and may be submitted by e-mail or on CD-ROM as JPG, TIFF or EPS files. Slides and photographs are returned to the authors.

Review and editing: GCSAA's director of research and GCM's science editor review all research articles submitted to GCM. Once a paper has been accepted, it is tentatively scheduled for publication. GCM's science editor edits papers and returns them by e-mail to the corresponding author for review 8-10 weeks before the date of publication. The author answers the editor's queries, makes changes and corrections and returns the manuscript by e-mail. After receiving the corrections, the editor may continue to correspond with the author about the manuscript, but authors do not review proofs.

The publication agreement: Authors are required to sign a nonexclusive contract allowing GCM to publish the article in the magazine and on the GCSAA Web site. Payment is made for each article published in the research section of GCM.

Contact for submissions:
Teresa Carson, GCM science editor
1421 Research Park Drive
Lawrence, KS 66049
Phone: 785-832-4446 or 800-472-7878, ext. 4446
Fax: 785-832-3665