Maintenance experience is critical

Golf facilities benefit in a myriad of ways from employing experienced superintendents and maintenance staff members. Many employers understand that having an experienced superintendent means they can rely on that superintendent’s judgment. Employers can trust that the maintenance staff’s knowledge, skills and abilities will protect the long-term viability of the facility’s most valuable asset, the golf course.

The benefits of a knowledgeable staff also include:

  • Crisis management. An experienced superintendent better knows potential uncontrollable situations and can prepare for them. With the appropriate resources and quicker implementation of responses, problems may be identified sooner, which can lessen their impact.
  • Attention to detail. Details can make or break the image of the golf facility and determine the difference between a quality golf experience or a mediocre one. A less experienced crew may not be as familiar with golf course maintenance practices and could need to concentrate their efforts there, possibly overlooking the importance of consistent attention to course details.
  • Management Ability. More experienced superintendents have developed effective strategies to help manage their time and their crews through better training and delegation. The more golf seasons that crew member or assistant remains with the golf facility, the better return on the time invested in training.
  • Better Business Decisions. More experience provides a skill set from which the superintendent can make the right decision the first time, limiting the cost of reworking and recovering from failure. Negotiating and purchasing skills, for example, become stronger with experience. And experience generally helps to focus on the long view, rather than constantly putting out fires. Understanding the complexities of financial and risk management also comes with experience, as does the ability to maximize resources.
  • Trust. The superintendent manages the facility’s most important asset, the golf course, and the owner’s trust is critical for success. A trusting relationship comes with a proven track record of meeting expectations. An experienced superintendent has that track record.

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