Quick ideas for delegating tasks

Proper delegation can create a team spirit among your golf facility leadership, even reaching down to reliable staff members to help you accomplish much more than if you try to work alone. Here are seven tips for success:

  • Pick people who can accept responsibility. Surround yourself with the best.
  • Try to match the person to the task. Try to delegate assignments that will capitalize on the person’s talents.
  • Remember that the person performing the task may not do it as well as you do it. Don’t be tempted to take over the project. Weigh the time you might lose at first against the time you’ll save in the long run.
  • Build the person’s confidence by assigning low-risk projects at first.
  • Let those to whom you delegate put their own spin on the assignment. Their way may be better, or more suited to their work style. Be sure to listen to their ideas.
  • Keep tabs on what you delegate. As the deadline nears, check to make sure that everything is on target.
  • Give a due date for the assignment and explain how this assignment relates to other priorities.

Source: Time Tactics of Very Successful People, B. Eugene Greissman.