Get the budget your department needs

At every level of the golf facility, budget negotiation can be a source of angst at this time of year. Getting a budget approved can be difficult, considering the need to adjust expenses to current economic realities. When working on your budget proposal, resist the temptation to take an adversarial approach. Instead, concentrate on what your facility needs and how well your department can support the requests.

  • Determine needs. Take a good look at what your department must have in order to function at the level expected by those you answer to, whether facility golfers or higher management.
  • Consider the consequences. To argue persuasively, describe the consequences and course conditions to the facility if your budget requirements are not met. For example, if capital funding has been put off for more than a year based on a tight budget, the effects on the golf facility can require a more costly fix in the long run.
  • Examine last year’s budget process. Compare what you asked for last year to what you received to help you tailor your proposal to upper management’s viewpoint, including the overall goals of the facility.

Source: The Manager’s Intelligence Report, 2004.